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Delightful Antagonism LiveJournal Community

Jul. 5th, 2004

04:59 pm - Another idea...whee

Ok, this is what I was thinking about. You don't know how many possibilities I went through, some beyond stupid and some..well some didn't even get past 3 feet worth of movement. Anyways...idea...

Sanzo takes a shower(See, that's where the towel comes in :D ), thinking to himself about gojyo, yadda yadda yadda. Get some good shower scenes in there. Sanzo gets out, looks in the mirror and suddenly feels a prick on his neck. startled, grabs his gun and goes storming into the room. Nobody there. Still cautious, he takes a look around and suddenly a young lady appears. they exchange words, blah blah and appear snazo and gojyo (mere illusion) are going at it on the bed. Sanzo is confused, what the fuck, blah blah. She tells him it's nothing more than his inner thoughts coming alive. Yadda yadda. He's uber pissed now, shoots her, goes through her (took that from you. liked it) what the fuck.

Cue Gojyo. Walking back towards Sanzo room. "Who the fuck does he think he is" yadda yadda, walks in and sees Sanzo laying on the ground unconscious. Runs to him, not sure what's going on. Shakes him around, nothing happening. Looks around the room, doesn't notice anything suspicious.

Back to sanzo...another illusion(or another fantasy of his) appears in front of him. Now he's becoming beyond angry. She taunts him, telling him how delicious they look, blah blah blah, sanzo goes in to strangle her, but he goes through her (der sanzo) she laughs, taunts him some more, another illusion appears. She tells him he's been trying to deny it, his feelings, his desire to be with gojyo, but now with it being in his face, he can't possibliy deny it. Sanzo angry, thrashes the room, demands her to stop this bullshit, yadda yadda.

*story so far...the prick sanzo felt was her poisoning him with a sleep spell. She's within Sanzo's mind (think more like a dream), but sanzo doesn't realize the difference. What's she's doing is she's slowly draining his energy so she can become solidified (But she can only do it when he's unconcious, he's too difficult otherwise) and steal his scripture. What better energy to steal than a Sanzo priest, right?*

Back to gojyo, still doesn't know what to do, hakkai and goku have gone out shopping for food. ...hmm and from then on, it's kinda blurry. I think i want gojyo to notice the mark on his neck(from the prick) and realize what's going on. Now how the spell gets broken and so on, I have no idea. If you like this idea, I'll type it up in a readable format(this was just to give you a general idea) and then you can fuck with it. Hey, if you even got an idea as to what can happen next, be my guest and add on!

Yep and sanzo is in a towel the entire time :D whee.

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04:57 pm - Need help

Bleh, I'm stuck on the first page for the douj. It's only because I can't think of any dialog to give Sanzo when he's thinking. I have one lil panel worth of words done and even that I'm sure it is good. Help me out, guys. I just need like maybe a page worth of conversation (with himself, of course) Any ideas? *puppy eyes*

Haha I need to get past this, so I can go on with life. How far have you gotten, Tangle?

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Jul. 3rd, 2004

10:39 pm - a continuation?

Hey look, I had a lame thought while I was sitting watching the door at my volunteer place. I know we need a continuation of this thing since it's begging for closure, but we haven't come up with anything. The only thing I can think of is this, and I don't really like it. Partially, because it's kind of dumb, but mostly because it doesn't provide closure either. I'm posting it up anyway, so maybe someone can work off it.

At the inn, the next morning there are reports of youkai attacks, but they're odd because all the victims have been found naked, and there are only two pairs of tracks where the bodies are (everywhere else there is just one set of tracks). All the victims are male. Naturally, Sanzo and Co. must check this out, and try to stop the youkai threat.

They go into the woods, splitting off into two groups (because Hakkai has noticed the tension between S and G and hopes some alone time will resolve it). S and G are walking along, and G breaks the silence. Blah blah, antagonism antagonism, and finally S gets pissed and pushes G up against a tree. They snog and grope, until someone notices something wrapping around their legs. The youkai is a thousand year old succubus, survives by feeling off sexual energy, and smoke-like in consistency unless she has to solidify to kill.

She floats between the two of them, choosing G because his is an easy sex. Sanzo's is more potent, but repressed. She pushes S aside, and goes for G, hamstringing him so he falls to his knees. S shoots her, but it goes straight through her since she hasn't solidified. This doesn't, however, mean she's not pissed, so she turns, snarls, and flies toward S. She solidifies on the ground right before slashing him across the chest. At this point, G calls her name and gets her attention, and she turns around, and gets her head slashed off in the process.

Filthy and covered in black blood, G crawls over to S, wishing he had Hakkai's control over his chi so he could seal S's wound. He makes do with making a bandage out of his shirt, and flops down next to S to wait to get found. S is already flushed and feverish, so they rest against each other and fall asleep.

And now, I have to go to bed, so the next part later.

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Feb. 29th, 2004

04:03 pm - Sounds good

Yeah, the revised version sounds good to me. Even made my shit make more sense (I wrote that around 3/4 am O_o )and I really like how this is all coming out. But you're right, it does need more. It needs a big bang!(no pun intended) Hmm, but it could use that too. Wonder if anyone else will post an idea to go with this storyline. If not, we're probably gonna have to do it. I don't exactly have any ideas popping out of my head though. Got any ideas of what should happen next? Kinda, sorta? Should they go all out, or should they torture each other, then fuck? So many options...

Haha, I think there should be more spanking. Defiantly not enough spanking going on here.

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Jun. 29th, 2004

04:30 pm - Idea [revised]

Ok, this is what has been posted so far, edited a little for expansion, awkward dialogue, and continuity.  Come on people, this begs for closure!  You know you have ideas. 


In any case, I think we're about ready to divide it up. 


Check it out.Collapse )

Feb. 29th, 2004

04:43 am - {IDEA} *PART TWO* Gun Fondling

So I'm a day late. I'm a terrible person. Anyways, here's the continuation from part one. Possibly could be a third part depending on how lazy I get. Damn that laziness. So yes...continuing...

...........idea: Take Two

Sanzo: Because once I kill you, it'll be impossible to fuck you, now wouldn't it? *presses the gun even deeper into his forehead*

Gojyo: If you were going to kill me, you would have done it a long time ago.

Sanzo: Arent we the confident one. Though I do suppose blowing your fucking brains out doesn't bother you. I mean, hey, if you're dead, you're dead. Nothing to worry about. But...**slowly slides gun down his face, chest, stomach and finally stopping between his legs, pressing the gun firmly against his crotch*

Gojyo: *Eyes widen, shocked that he would even think such a thought. Gulps*

Sanzo: But blowing your dick off, now that's a whole other story. You'd be alive to say the least. Actually you'd probably die from the loss of blood. In which case would be even worse. Die without your precious cock.... *smug smirk*

Gojyo: That's not even funny. Actually it's quite disgusting.

Sanzo: Not laughing and to be frank, you disgust me. *slides his gun in a up and down motion*

Gojyo: *bites bottom lip* 'I' Disgust you?

Sanzo: *twirls the gun in circular motion, pressing firmly* The mere thought of your face makes me ill. You're a disgrace for even being born. *spats in gojyo's face*

Gojyo: *mixed feelings of pleasure and hatred* Fuck you, fuck you Sanzo! *raises arm as to punch him, but then Sanzo, clicks the gun {Don't know the actual term for it. Sadnes} and puts it down*

Sanzo: Oh so now you take my threat seriously. I guess your cock means more to you than your life. I suppose it would considering it's all you have going for yourself. You're not exactly much use without it. *gropes the gun side to side, back and forth motion*

Gojyo: *in a low voice* I hate you...

Sanzo: Without it how could you whore yourself to others, begging for attention, hoping for a bit of love. False love, but it at least it's love right? I mean hell, you couldn't even get false love at home. *groping becomes more aggressive, gun twirling in a circular motion*

Gojyo: *still in a low voice* I hate you, I hate you, I hate you..*anger fumes within him, yet at the same time, he can't help but be in pure lust.*

Sanzo: You say you hate me, but your cock thinks differently *rubs the gun in small gentle circular motions, proving that gojyo was indeed hard*

Gojyo: *voices starts out low, but gets louder* I hate you, i hate you, i hate you I HATE YOU! *gun goes off. Shock and fear washes over gojyo. Eyes widen, thinking Sanzo for once wasn't bluffing. Though he soon realized there was no pain, no blood, not a thing, minus the cum( that finished it for him) He looks to side of him and realizes Sanzo aimed elsewhere*

Sanzo: *smug grin*

Gojyo: *heavy breathing from the shock and pleasure* You're such a fucking bastard, you know that?!

Sanzo: You can get the fuck out of my room now.

Gojyo: that's it? You play with my mind, I cum and that's it? You still haven't even answered my damn question!

Sanzo: I'm done with you. Go.

Gojyo: *confused/angry expression. Gets off of Sanzo. Stares at him not sure what really went on. continues to walk out. closes door*

Sanzo: *still laying the ground where gojyo pinned him. Waiting a few minutes making sure gojyo truly left. As he felt he was now alone, his hand slipped down to his zipper and unzipped himself, sliding his hands between his legs, pulled himself out and began stroking himself, aggressively. Eyes closed, bites down on his bottom lip. After finshing himself off, hands fall to the side of him, mouth slightly opened*


Ok, that's all I have. Is it good? Like? Hate? possibly could go on even further. Be an ongoing thing between them, building up till the actual fuckage. Make the fuck even more satisfying because of the buildup. Whee.

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Jun. 28th, 2004

01:00 am - {IDEA} *PART ONE* Gun Fondling

Recently the idea of Sanzo groping Gojyo with his gun became a major turn on and a fascination. I would keep getting this certain image in my head which would just make me horny as hell and I just have to write it out. Also after reading your spanking idea, I'm thinking this could go with it, what happened after Goku came storming in on their accidental moment. Just throwing it out there.

.................the idea:
Sanzo sitting in his "room"(on the bed, back against the wall) very agitated after the inccendent with gojyo.Doesn't know what came over him, very confused about the whole thing. Though deep down, within his 'Inner Sexy Beast Sanzo', he knew damn well what he was doing and wouldn't take it back for a second.

As he sits pondering, going back forth on his sexual feelings for Gojyo, the door slams open. Immediately Sanzo pulls out his gun, expecting the worse. Then he hears Gojyo's voice. He shoots anyways(past him, of course ^_^ )out of the annoyance he brought him.

Sanzo: *rushes towards gojyo and presses gun against Gojyo's temple* Do you realize I could HAVE KILLED YOU?!

Gojyo: *grins* Hit me.

Sanzo: I think a bullet loged within your forehead would be a much more satisfing experience...

gojyo: *now yelling* Fucking hit me, you asshole!

Sanzo: *doing as he requested, Sanzo puched gojyo in the face, causing blood to drip from the corner of his mouth* Happy?!

Gojyo: *wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth* Almost. *punches sanzo in the face, causing him to fall backwards against the wall*

Sanzo: *hunched over, staring up at gojyo's smug face* You're going to fucking regret that...

*Sanzo charges after him, punches go back and forth, cuts and blood happen, shit gets knocked over and finally Gojyo pushes Sanzo onto the ground, pinning him down.

Gojyo: *out of breath* I want to know.

Sanzo: *out of breath as well* Know what?!

Gojyo: Earlier. How long have you felt this way?

Sanzo: That's non existent.

Gojyo: Bullshit. I felt it, felt in your hands, your eyes, your actions...you wanted more. The spanking, you tried to play it off as nothing more than "punishing me" for acting like a jackass, but no...*leans in closer towards Sanzo's face. breath to breath* I think you truly wanted to fuck me. And now I want to know, how long have you felt that way?

Sanzo: *sneering* Fuck you.

Gojyo: *punches him in the face once more* Exactly my point!

Sanzo: *sneakingly grabbed the gun he hid within his robe and slid it up towards Gojyo's forehead* And what if I were to tell you, "Yes, I want to fuck you, yes please suck my cock, yes please, kiss me, yes please, just be with me..." What if I were!? Nothing would come of it. It's not reality.

Gojyo: *licks his lips* But it can be...*lips hovers over Sanzos*

Sanzo: No, it can't! *eyes slightly closed, majorily turned on*

Gojyo: Why the fuck not? *turned on as well*

Sanzo: Because once I kill you, it'll be impossible to fuck you, now wouldn't it? *presses the gun even deeper into his forehead*

Gojyo: If you were going to kill me, you would have done it a long time ago.

To be continued...The good part tomorrow! ^_^ Let me know what ya think.

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Jun. 27th, 2004

02:56 pm - Idea Idea Idea

Oooh, ooh, I have an idea! Pick me, teacher, pick me!

Ok, I don't know about you people, but I'd really like to see Gojyo get spanked. Like, palms flat, elbows on the hood of the Jeep sort of way.

I was thinking maybe Gojyo and Goku are arguing in the back seat, as usual, and Sanzo finally snaps. (I guess this would have to be near sunset, right before they stop to make camp or something). He pulls the car over, sends Hakkai into the woods or whatever to give Goku a talking-to, and rails on Gojyo himself. There should probably be something about Gojyo always acting like a child, and therefore he should be punished like a child. And then the spanking commences (probably at gunpoint, lol).

So, I don't know. Like? Dislike? It needs some expansion. I'm not sure if they should have sex right after that (or even if Gojyo's pants should go down the first time) or if there will be more incidents and we have to build up to the sex.

Post your thoughts!

Jun. 25th, 2004

11:58 am - Hey look...

Well, I've gotten the colors on this thing to match the website, at least. I'm rather disappointed that LiveJournal won't let me put up a title image or anything, because I had a rather cute one.

In any case, hello and welcome to the Delightful Antagonism LiveJournal Community! This community is for posting ideas for the next doujinshi project that we will do. Anyone can post, you don't even have to be a member. So send those ideas!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check the homepage for details.

Jun. 21st, 2004

02:43 am - Test test test fun!!

Sanzo likes rough sex with gojyo. Who doesn't?! test test blah blah blah...